2016 Study on Fermented Papaya in form of FPP Indicates Cancer Effect

FPP is a registered trademark for a natural preparation of fermented green papaya that has been under intense study for years related to its effect on cancer and viruses.

The study below, published this year by the Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention, discusses the amazing effect of fermented papaya taken orally, on tumors.

The fermenting of papaya leaf is part of the ancient Aryuvetic medicine. The papaya leaf has some similar enzymes that may account for the medicinal-related properties also found in the green, unripe papaya used as the base for FPP. Fermented products have shown to be more easily absorbed by the body.

Anti-Tumor and Immunoregulatory Effects of Fermented Papaya Preparation (FPP: SAIDO-PS501)

Shinki Murakami1*, Shingo Eikawa2, Savas Kaya2, Mitsuko Imao1, Toshiki Aji2

 Asian Pac J Cancer Prev, 17 (7), 3077-3084