Papaya Leaf Ranks Fifth in Southern Nigeria for Treating Fever

One hundred and five indigenous healers in South Nigeria were surveyed to discover what natural herbs were used to heal “febrile” illnesses including “…malaria (78.8%), typhoid (23.1%), yellow fever (21.2%), high fever (19.2 %), convulsion (15.4%), and pregnancy fever (2.9%). Other illnesses treated were yellow eyes (4.8%) headache (11.5%), waist pain (14.4%), and joint pains, (8.7%).”

Papaya leaf represented 20% of the suggested source of healing.

Contribution of indigenous health care givers to the herbal managament of febrile illnesses in Rivers state, South-south, Nigeria
O O Ebong, E O Ajaiyeoba, I M Ononiwu, M J Eteng, D O Akinboye, G O Gbostosho, C O Falade, O M Bolaji, O Oladepo, O S Osowole, T C Happi, O F Fawole, A T Ogundahunsi, I M Agbagwa, O Oduola, A M Oduola

West African Journal of Pharmacology and Drug Research Vol 21, 2005 pp 48-54