My name is Virginia Robertson and I am focused on papaya leaf tea research, promotion, and production because it is, in my opinion, the most powerful and affordable anti-cancer natural product on earth.

My journey to this conclusion began with frustration that this natural product could have possibly kept my mother, Julia Ruffin Robertson with me longer in this life.

As I learned more and more about enzyme therapy over years I could not understand why this was never a subject in school, or why it is not discussed more with doctors. The natural leaf brewed as a tea is a most powerful enzyme therapy and grows all over the world in warm climates. This makes for a valuable and inexpensive medicinal option. The active enzymes in the leaf include papain and chymopapain. If you are unfamiliar with enzyme therapy then read on! This discovery will be worth your time.

I want to start conversations with this blog that will change people’s lives. I am a realist and I understand that it is hard to change our eating habits. But this tea can simply be added to your daily life and can make a difference in your health. This herb covers and makes up for a good amount of our bad eating habits. It has been shown to be nontoxic even in large doses. I am not a doctor and am not an authority on drug interactions, however, so please consult your doctor.

I want the people who take the time to read this blog to become as confident as I am in the science of this leaf and why our bodies need it so much to fight disease… Not just cancer, but arthritis, diabetes, bronchitis, malaria, and many, many more.

This blog is dedicated to the sweet memory of my mother, Julia Ruffin Robertson


Virginia Robertson
CEO at Ruffin Trading Company, LLC


22 thoughts on “About

  1. We just found out about the use of the Papaya tea today as we talked to Nicole in a local Chattanooga restaurant. I have forwarded your site information to all our kids.
    Hope to try some soon. Lynda Curtis

    • Hey Lynda,

      It was GREAT to see you and Roger in Chattanooga on Wednesday! We will continue to post more information, so stay tuned! Looking forward to working together on more projects in 2013! Thank you for your support and be sure to tell your children how to find me too!

  2. hello ,
    i am searching for alternative treatment for breast cancer, my grandma who is 86 hhas got breast cancer, do you think papaya will help. i am in india and papaya leaves are available here. i have found the recepie online but can you let me know the right dosage . i would be very grateful .

  3. I have been using the squeezed pawpaw leaves thinking its going to reduce my sugar level but getting to the laboratory to check my sugar level after a while i found it has no effect.

  4. I believe you will find these two links below of interest. When I discovered the advocacy of Doctor Sanath Hettige, I was motivated to blogging about papaya leaf extract/juice and several other natural cures for dengue fever.

    Dengue: an escalating prolem

    Salutary effects of carica papaya leaf extract in dengue fever patients -a pilot study
    http://cgpsl.org/downloads/pdf_cgpsl/7.pdf Sri Lankan Family Pysician

  5. PARADISE NUTRIENTS PROMOTES PAWPAW LEAF TEA AND DISTRIBUTES IT WITH MINERALS your have great info on pawpaw leaf tea would like to distribute your info in our members kit, can arrange some thing

  6. Hi, I’m desperately trying to find organic papaya leaves. I’ve looked on-line and can only find
    preprepared powders for tea. Could anyone direct me to a reputable supplier ? Sorry to sound dramatic but time really is running out.
    Many Thanks

  7. Hello, my mom is 52 year old and she has golbladder cancer, increasing in liver.can we buy papaya readymade tea from market if we dont get any papaya plant.this market tea will also be helpfull and how many time she needs to take it and with milk or not?

  8. Hi,

    My name is harika after medical tests doctors concluded that my dad has cancer tumors in his liver and they suggested for chemotherapy.later we got to know about papaya leaves.i just Want to know is it really works ?we are in a dilema whether to use papaya leaves tea or chemotherapy.

  9. Hi,am sunita ogale [ Professor-pharmacology]. I am interested in doing work on papaya leaf which i have started already.Is it possible for you to work together as funding is major constraint in my work.
    Pl do write to me ,my mail id —sunitaogale@gmail.com
    Thanks & Regards,

  10. Hi
    My mother was diagnosed with lung cancer in Dec 2013, since than she went through 8 cycles chemotherapy. Chemo ended in July 14. Currently she is not consuming any medicines apart from vitamin supplements. Now doctors said they will keep evaluating the reports and see how it goes. I heard about papaya leaf and anxious to know whether I can start giving her papaya leaf juice?
    Shall be grateful if you can share the method and dosage.


    • From the studies I have read, Papaya leaf tea is complementary therapy and can be used with Chemo and certainly after. Brew through a coffee maker with similar portions as coffee or loose. Drink outside of meals for best effect twice a day.
      Consult your physician.

  11. Hi. My name is Lisa. My Aunty has Sarcoma and I was wondering if papaya leaf tea would help her. She is also on dialysis 3 times a week. I can grow the plants to use so any advice would be helpful. Thank you for having this blog.

  12. Hello Virginia! Thank you for this wonderful collection of articles!
    My father was diagnosed with Dendritic Cell Sarcoma, a very rare type of cancer. We were struggling with his platelets (when it’s down, he can’t get his chemo) and I found that papaya leaf juice increases it.
    We started taking it 20 days ago and we had the best response ever. It’s amazing. It has been more than 9 months since he hadn’t reached 150.000. So happy.
    But since he is taking fresh juice (two doses of 10ml a day) and you talk about papaya leaf tea, I am wondering if the juice can do any harm, or if we shold give it some intervals…
    Do you know anything about that?
    Thank you so much!

  13. Hi Virginia! Just discovered your blog surfing for info how to make tea from powdered dry papaya leaves and thankful for your philanthropy! Kindly add my name to your emailing list! Thanks in advance for the tea recipe quest that led to you in the first place!!!

  14. I have a dream/hope you, Virginia Robertson will bring your enterprising of natural medicines and n statue, second only to stretched our Manila. This has been the greatest of resource for the power of papaya to heal in the most affordable way. How many times, walking along the National Highway in my own local area, papaya trees growing wild. And to give a second recognition to camote leaves with its sweet potato leaves growing wild on the edges of walkways. Please here what I share here… I know you have great ears, and thanks for the kindness you have shown to me and many others over the years

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