Pill with Papaya Leaf Extract Intended to Fight Dengue

There are a number of positive results from various clinical studies on the effect of papaya leaf juice on Dengue Fever:

1. https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT02016027

2. http://ijabmr.org/article.asp?issn=2229-516X;year=2016;volume=6;issue=4;spage=249;epage=254;aulast=Charan

3. http://www.openaccessscience.com/pdf-files/vol2_4_dec2012/IJMAP_2_4_4_Carica_papaya.pdf

4. http://slctr.lk/trials/110%20%

5. http://www.jcbsonline.ac.in/Articles/12.%20Case%20report%201%20final%20print.pdf

6. Review of seven clinical studies


7. https://www.worldwidejournals.com/indian-journal-of-applied-research-(IJAR)/file.php?val=October_2016_1477141322__191.pdf

And now a clinical study on Microlab’s nutraceutical pill, Caripill:


Click to access japi.pdf


The Julia Ruffin Project promotes papaya leaf for its effect on disease.

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