Papaya Leaf for Dengue in Delhi

“Delhi government struggles with dengue outbreak
Extra hospital beds ordered and medical-staff leave cancelled amid warning situation in Indian capital could worsen.”
Showkat Shafi | 19 Sep 2015 10:30 GMT | Health, Dengue, India, Asia

A respected European Journal notes the Aryvetic approach to managing dengue fever.

Given the recommendation to treat with papaya leaf, and the abundance of this herb in India, it may be profitable to society for papaya plantations to supply hospitals in Delhi with leaves (given the reported nature of the current health crisis.)

“The juice of papaya leaf has been found to be useful in the treatment of dengue fever. A number of scientific papers have proved that papaya leaf juice is actually beneficial for the body. Few recent studies have shown the effect of papaya leaf juice in curing the dengue fever. A recent one, done on five dengue patients by Indian Institute of Forest Management in 2012, found interesting observations. Among the five patients, papaya leaf juice was found to be effective in curing dengue. The platelet count increased in all five patients within 24 hours of drinking the papaya leaf juice. All of them reported significant improvement in health.[10]
A 2009 study, done on mice in Malaysia, reported significant improvement in thrombolytic count in the group which received papaya leaf formulations compared to the control group. It seems that this bitter green juice is promising without posing any serious ill-effects.”

ejpmr, 2015,2(4), 693
Research Article search
ISSN 3294-3211
Dr. Sumit Srivastava*
Associate Professor, Dept. of Rog-nidan, Shri Dhanwantry Ayurvedic College, Chandigarh.
Article Received on 18/05/2015 Article Revised on 12/06/2015 Article Accepted on 04/07/2015 cancer/1178680/.

The Julia Ruffin Project promotes and researches papaya leaf for its effect on cancer and disease.

3 thoughts on “Papaya Leaf for Dengue in Delhi

  1. Since 2008 Dr. Sanath Hettige has been an advocate of papaya leaf extract/juice as a cure/remedy for dengue fever. Where is the disconnect?

    Articles have been published in The Times Of India (home cure reported) and other major newspapers in those regions, touting papaya leaf being the source of a true cure/remedy, fast acting (results seen in just 24/hrs), human friendly, cheap cure – where is the disconnect?

    How many more innocent babies and children have to die before even in countries such as India, and others – doctors in those nations know of the papaya leaf cure – where is the disconnect.

    Search tags: bmj, times of india, home cure on my blog to confirm factual information

  2. 14 June 2018, one day after my 13 June 1938 birth date; –”E——- has cancer”! When this was shared on this celebration date, immediately it came to mind, respond. Today, 15 June, I will go visit our family friends and introduce them to As in dengue fever; –now cancer!

    Why the disconnect?

    Papaya leaf extract is a known, undeniable cure, proven time and time again by universities over and over and reported in major Asian news media.

    Why the disconnect?

    Perhaps what I’ve gotten old enough to understand finally, PAPAYA LEAF EXTRACT, or TEAS, are too affordable the world over. A very basic home veggie and fruit garden remedy.

    Time to put an end the disconnect!


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