Benzyl Glucosinolate, In Papaya Leaf, Shows Anti-Cancer Activity

“…benzylglucosinolate — [is] found in all parts of the plant, but highest in young leaves [of papaya plant].”, according to a Cornell University Study.

An article in the Asian Journal of Tropical Medicine, researched by a team of Chinese scientists in 2011-12, concluded the following:

“The results in this research demonstrated that BITC has better anti-proliferative activity against human lung cancer H69 cell . In the high-dose group , the inhibition rate of cell proliferation can reach more than 80%, which conformed with the result reported in the literature[6]. The result provided foundation for the further research of anti-tumor activity of BITC extract from papaya.”
Content determination of benzyl glucosinolate and anti-cancer activity of its hydrolysis product in Carica papaya L. Ze-You Li1,2,3, Yong Wang2, Wen-Tao Shen3*, Peng Zhou1,3*


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