Flavonoids make Papaya Leaf Tea Safe

In 2011 Brazilian scientists wanted to show that the apparent positive effect of papaya leaf on cancers was not toxic to the body.

The study used standard methods for discovery on this subject, and in the final analysis the study showed that papaya leaf is non-toxic by these methods and also disclosed the most likely substance in the papaya leaf that is responsible: it is the flavonoid in the leaf called rutin.

“…The results of this study indicated that an aqueous solution of the ethanolic extract of leaves of C. papaya, under the experimental conditions used, has low toxicity and an antimutagenic effect; flavonoids, such as rutin, may be the substances involved in this action.”


Antimutagenic activity of Carica papaya L. assayed in vivo by micronucleus test
Kalil, I.C.1; Gibson, B.A.V.1; Ribeiro, C.A.1; Benincá, L.S.1; Brasil, G.A.1; Andrade, T.U.1; Batitucci, M.C.P.2; Endringer, D.C.1*
1 Curso de Farmácia, Universidade Vila Velha – UVV 2 Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo – UFES
Recebido 22/09/2011 / Aceito 17/11/2011