Papaya Leaf Tea Changed His PSA, Says California Man

Letter to the Blogger:

In 2002 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I chose to treat my cancer with proton radiation.
In the fall of 2009 my PSA went up and the prostate biopsy again came up positive.
In January I had cryoablation treatment of the prostate and within weeks my PSA went even higher.
At that point tests were performed that showed the cancer had spread to the lymph nodes. At the recommendtion of the urologist I went on hormone therapy (Lupron). The side effects from the hormone treatment were not pleasant.
In August of 2013 friends told me about papaya leaf tea for cancer and I started drinking the tea that month. My last hormone treatment was April 2014. My PSA test in December 2014 was 0.633.
My urologist could not believe the test as the last time I went 8 months without the hormones my PSA went to 66.
The only explanation for this amazing result is Papaya Leaf Tea.
Thank you Virginia for the input and encouragement that you have given me for drinking the tea.”

We have not published the name of this man but will release his name for specific requests with his permission after a review of the reason for the request. Send in a request and reason to

The Julia Ruffin Project promotes, researches, and test-farms papaya leaf tea.


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