Research 38 years ago: Papain Digests Liver Cancer Cells

Papain is one of the active cancer-fighting enzymes in the papaya leaf.

In 1976 the non-profit group, the Regina Elena Institute for Cancer Research sponsored a study on the effect of papain on the external wall of the liver cancer tumor cell. These malignant tumor cells show odd social behavior and unusual growth patterns. The cells on the external wall of the tumor were shown to be affected by papain in a way to slow growth. As quoted below from the study, Papain digests (gets rid of) the Navikaff (liver cancer) cells.

“…Papain digestion of Navikaff cells released cell surface gly capeptides that contained approximately 27% of the neura minidase-labile sialic acid…”

Effect of Neuraminidase and Papain Treatment on Lectin induced Agglutination of Novikoff Tumor Cells and Assay of Lectin Receptor Activity of the Glycopeptides Released from the Cell Surface by Papain

1Giovanni Neil
2 M. Christina Giuliano, Sylvia Capetillo, Ellen B. Gilliam, Douglas C. Hixson
3 and Earl F. Walborg, Jr.
4 Regina Elena Institute for Cancer Research,Viale Regina Elena N. 291, Rome,Italy [G. N., M. C. G.]; Department of Biochemistry.the University of Texas System Cancer Center,
M. D. Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute [S. C., E. B. G., E. F. W.J;
and the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences [D. C. H.], Houston,Texas77025


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