Studies Linking Cancer Survival to Papain (The enzyme in Papaya Leaf)

Papain is an active enzyme found in the natural papaya leaf. Papain is typically combined with two other proteases in oral enzyme therapy. The clinical study referenced below shows a significant positive difference in the survival rate for patients taking papain.

Systemic Enzyme Therapy in Oncology Effect and Mode of Action
Jörg Leipner and Reinhard Saller

Drugs 2000 Apr; 59 (4): 769-780

“…In this retrospective parallel-group cohort analysis, 166 patients who had received papain/trypsin/chymotrypsin (2 tablets 3 times daily) for at least 6 months were assigned to the active treatment group. The aim of the study was to investigate any effect of enzyme therapy on survival. A statistically significant mean prolongation of survival of 36 months was seen in patients with Stage III multiple myeloma (n = 54) in the enzyme group compared with the control group (n = 36) [83 months versus 47 months].”

Additional cases were reviewed naming less suffering and more survival when oral enzyme therapy that included papain was used as a complement to chemotherapy and radiation.

The mechanism of action was concluded to be:
“…This may constitute one of the mechanisms of action of enzyme therapy: orally administered enzymes seem to induce the synthesis of antiproteinases which in turn inactivate proteinases such as cathepsines”


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