TeaViews.com Culinary Review of Papaya Leaf Tea


Review: Julia Ruffin Project Ltd. Papaya Leaf Tea
Herbal Tea, Julia Ruffin Project Limited, Papaya Tea

“To sum up the flavor: slightly vegetal, slightly botanical, slightly fruity, and a hint of medicinal.”
Vanessa’s Teaview: 8/10

“This young papaya leaf tea definitely ranks among the most unique and memorable teas that I have reviewed over the years. As the name suggests, this tea is made from the young leaves and stems of papaya plants.The Julia Ruffin website emphasizes that these leaves are hand picked from young plants, not large trees, and are dried in a solar-powered dehydrator. These leaves have been researched to contain numerous compounds that have wonderful medicinal benefits including fighting HIV, cancer, and malaria. The product website contains a wealth of information about the health benefits of this tea but I won’t get into the details in this review. Along with my sample of the young papaya leaf tea, I was also given a sample of cut papaya leaf herb to compare with it. I did a side-by-side brewing of these two teas to assess the difference. The first thing I will say is that it is VERY important to follow the brewing guidelines (which I at first could not find). I first used boiling water, and wow, that is a huge mistake. The tea is harsh, bitter, and pretty much undrinkable. But when the tea is prepared as recommended, by infusing the leaves in boiling water allowed to cool to 155 degrees F, it makes a world of difference. The Julia Ruffin website describes this tea as being similar to but sweeter than green tea. I would have to say that this is generally a pretty good description of these tea. I do notice that it has a bit of a medicinal flavor but it is not over-poweringor off-putting. The sweetness of this tea can best be characterized as a general fruitiness, although I really don’t think one could say that it tastes at all like the papaya fruit. To sum of the flavor: slightly vegetal, slightly botanical, slightly fruity, and a hint of medicinal.”

The Julia Ruffin Project promotes, researches, and test-farms papaya leaf tea. The Project does not sell papaya leaf tea, and only solicited a culinary review of new farming methods to further promote drinking of the tea. 



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