Study Reveals Most Effective Anti-Cancer Papaya Leaf Tea Temperature


The International Journal of Food Science and Technology published a study in July that claims the best anti-cancer temperature of Papaya Leaf Tea is 85C (185 degrees F) and cooked for 25 minutes with a water to leaf ratio of 20:1. The specific cancer under study was pancreatic cancer.
Antioxidant and anticancer capacity of saponin-enriched Carica papaya leaf extracts
Quan V. Vuong1,2, Sathira Hirun1,2, Tiffany L.K. Chuen1,2, Chloe D. Goldsmith1,2, Shane Murchie2, Michael C. Bowyer1,2, Phoebe A. Phillips3 andChristopher J. Scarlett1,2,4,*

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