Papaya Leaf Tea for Liver Disease

“Liver disease is the major cause of death worldwide. It ranks ninth in overall causes of death in the U.S. [1] and is the fifth ‘big killer’ in England & Wales. In India too, liver diseases are responsible for lakhs of deaths each year and is rather the only major cause of death still increasing year-on-year. Amongst the different types of liver diseases, alcoholic liver disease (ALD) is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in the world. In an assessment by the WHO in 2005, 4% of the burden of the disease and 3.2% of all deaths globally were attributable to alcohol. The burden of alcohol-related disease is highest in the developed world, where it may account for as much as 9.2% of all disability-adjusted life years [2]. Even in the developing regions of the world, alcohol accounts for a major portion of global disease burden, and is projected to take on increasing importance in those regions over time [3]…. The available therapeutic interventions for liver diseases, which include drugs like steroids, anti-cytokines, colchicine or supplementation with calorie rich diet or a precursor of glutathione, S-adenosyl L-methionine (SAMe) have not been able to show convincing benefit in humans and also suffer from several side effects. Thus herbal medicines have an important role to play in the treatment of liver disorders considering their efficacy, safety and lesser side effects….The study thus concludes that the leaves of Carica papaya possess hepatoprotective activity, which may be partly due to its antioxidant effect. It also suggests that Carica papaya leaves are a promising candidate for the development of phytomedicine and can be used in herbal formulations alone or in combination with other hepatoprotective drugs (to provide a synergistic effect) for the treatment of liver ailments. Further, studies in humans are needed in this direction to prove its clinical utility.”

British Journal of Pharmaceutical Research 3(4): 648-661, 2013
SCIENCEDOMAIN international
Ameliorative Effect of Leaves of Carica papaya in Ethanol and Antitubercular Drug Induced Hepatotoxicity
Aashish Pandit1, Tarun Sachdeva1 and Pallavi Bafna1*
1Department of Pharmacology, Rayat Institute of Pharmacy, Railmajra, Punjab, India.

Ina conclusion of a study on the leaf’s effect on hypoglycemia, the scientists conclude the study with this statement:

“…the leaf positively affected integrity and function of both liver and pancreas.”

Hypoglycemic effect of Carica papaya leaves in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats
Isela Esther Juárez-Rojop1*, Juan C Díaz-Zagoya2, Jorge L Ble-Castillo1, Pedro H Miranda-Osorio1, Andrés E Castell-Rodríguez2, Carlos A Tovilla-Zárate4, Arturo Rodríguez-Hernández3, Hidemi Aguilar-Mariscal1, Teresa Ramón-Frías4 and Deysi Y Bermúdez-Ocaña4

Juárez-Rojop et al. BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2012, 12:236


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