Tea has Immunological Effects

Papaya leaf “tea” continues to be studied in various forms around the world for its ability to enhance immunity.

Study in the lab in Nigeria, 2009, shows again the immunological effect of papaya leaf without adverse effects on the animal body.

The effect of aqueous extract of Carica papaya leaves on liver enzymes and blood cell counts of normal albino rats

BI Nwiloh, NM Nwinuka, MO Monanu

The effects of crude leaf extract of Carica papaya (Linn) on aspartate aminostransferase (AST), alanine aminotransferase (ALT), total white blood cells (WBC), lymphocytes, neutrophils, thrombocytes and on body
weight of normal albino rats were investigated. Albino rats weighing between 74 g and 90.5 g, of both sexes were used for the study. 2 ml of 0.11 g/ml aqueous extract was administered daily to each of the experimented rats for the 7 and 14 days study periods respectively, using stomach canula and the parameters analysed using standard methods. Observations indicated that extract of C. papaya (Pawpaw) leaves did not induce any significant changes in the levels of AST and ALT. The results also showed that the C. papaya leaves extract influenced the immunological pathways. There was an increase in the levels of white blood cells, thrombocytes, lymphocytes and neutrophils of the test rats, and a significant weight gain in the animals at the end of the study period. Based on the findings in this work, the C. papaya leaves extract tested could hardly advance any adverse effects on the liver and also have immunological effect on the animal body.

-International Journal of Biological and Chemical Sciences. ISSN: 1991-8631 (print), ISSN: 1997-342X (online)


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