In with the Old (Protease Therapy for Cancer); On with the NEW (Papain in Papaya Leaf as the Protease)

Proponent of Protease Enzyme Therapy for Cancer, Dr. Gonzales, carefully reviewed prior clinical studies performed by Dr. Kelley at Cornell University and the treatments were shown to have effect.
“Historically, large doses of proteolytic enzymes, along with diet, nutritional supplements, and “detoxification” procedures, have been used in alternative therapies to treat all forms of cancer, without formal clinical studies to support their use. A 2-year, unblinded, 1-treatment arm, 10-patient, pilot prospective case study was used to assess survival in patients suffering inoperable stage II-IV pancreatic adenocarcinoma treated with large doses of orally ingested pancreatic enzymes, nutritional supplements, “detoxification” procedures, and an organic diet. From January 1993 to April 1996 in the authors’ private practice, 10 patients with inoperable, biopsy-proven pancreatic adenocarcinoma were entered into the trial. After one patient dropped out, an 11th patient was added to the study (however, all 11 are considered in the data tabulation). Patients followed the treatment at home, under the supervision of the authors. As of 12 January 1999, of 11 patients entered into the study, 9 (81%) survived one year, 5 (45%) survived two years, and at this time, 4 have survived three years. Two patients are alive and doing well: one at three years and the other at four years. These results are far above the 25% survival at one year and 10% survival at two years for all stages of pancreatic adenocarcinoma reported in the National Cancer Data Base from 1995. This pilot study suggests that an aggressive nutritional therapy with large doses of pancreatic enzymes led to significantly increased survival over what would normally be expected for patients with inoperable pancreatic 6|Page adenocarcinoma.”

-“Evaluation of Pancreatic Proteolytic Enzyme Treatment of Adenocarcinoma of the Pancreas, With Nutrition and Detoxification Support”
Nicholas Gonzales and Linda Lee Isaacs
Nutrition and Cancer, volume 33 -Issue 2 March 1999 , pages 117 – 124

Protease Enzymes for Cancer Doctor/ Scientists 2005 and prior:

Beard, Dr. John
Howell, Dr. Edward
Wolf, Dr. Max
Benitez, Helen
Ranzberger, Dr. Karl
Kelley, Dr. William Donald
Gonzales, Dr. Nicholas
Isaacs, Dr. Linda
Good, Dr. Robert
Nieper, Dr. Hans
Murray, Dr.
Trnka, Dr. Frantisek
Novak, Dr. Josef F.


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