Antibody Structure of the Enzyme in Papaya Leaf

Diagram from Life Technologies Site:

The Life Technologies diagram is referring to the antibody structure of papain. Papain is one of two unique primary enzymes found in the papaya leaf. Notice the binding to macrophages… These can be thought of as the "trash collection" at the cellular level.

This company is a major player in the Pharma industry and takes room to make note of the special antibody binding of papain.

In an earlier blog on this site a study is reviewed that tested papaya leaf and its potential as an antibiotic for six potent human diseases.

The Julia Ruffin Project researches, grows and promotes papaya leaf tea.



One thought on “Antibody Structure of the Enzyme in Papaya Leaf

  1. I revisited this posting…

    The 15th ICID report on papaya leaf extract (PLX), in regards to research treating dengue patients, is a 2012 bogus and deliberate medical cover up to deny what is now a well established scientifically confirmed truth.

    A 5ml/1xdaily dosage of PLX given to patients, in the year 2012, is almost humorous except peoples lives are effected by deliberate deceit. At such a late date, in face of the earlier findings, in 2008, of Dr. Hettige who reported administering 5ml/2xday, which cured dengue fever. Dr. Hettige even wrote a letter to the editor of the British Medical Journal in 2011 of his discovery. His letter stand unchallenged to this day.

    The report coming out of Thailand, four years after there had been a compiling of evidence that PLX was indeed building an indisputable chain of evidence to be a cure- what was the intent of the ICID report?

    Just a few months after the corrupted research report, in November and December of 2012 the Times Of India reported of two scientific research institutions reporting PLX to be a home cure for dengue fever.

    This is interesting because latest 2013 newspapers, in India, are reporting a surge of interest in papaya leaves to the point, in some areas there is growing shortage of supply for nursery suppliers of plants and trees. The ICID report flies in the face of truth that has a reemerging history dating back hundreds if not thousands of years. It was pointed out to me, Asia is a hotbed for the less than human friendly international research pharmaceutical cartel. The word ‘Congress’ in ICID, should perhaps read ‘Cartel’.

    My main concern is for the innocent young children and infants who die, while bogus research is heaped into the press as creditable research findings. Perhaps malpractice must have its deathly blood stained cover-up.

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