Papaya Leaf Tea to Relieve Side-Effects From Chemotherapy


On the world renowned cancer clinic Memorial Sloan Kettering site:

“Clinical Summary:
Papaya tree is commonly found in tropical areas around the world. The fruits are consumed as food and as medicine; dried and powdered stem and leaves are used to prepare medicinal teas against infections and to improve digestion. Papaya leaves and their extracts are also marketed as dietary supplements to enhance the immune system, to improve platelet function, and to prevent chemotherapy-related adverse effects.
Papaya leaves exhibit anti-tumor, immunomodulatory (1), and antioxidant(9) effects in vitro.
The leaf extracts contain antibacterial compounds that inhibit the growth of a wide variety of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria (4).
In mice, a powdered suspension of papaya leaves increased thrombocyte count (2) and a water extract reduced alcohol-induced stomach damage (5). Hypoglycemic effects were also reported with use of papaya leaf extract in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats (10).

According to a case report, a water extract of papaya leaves was shown to increase the platelet count of a patient with Dengue fever (3)….”


Feuilles de papaye pour le cancer
Papaya Blätter für Krebs
البابايا يترك للسرطان
Papaya Hojas para el cáncer
Papaya Dahon para sa Cancer
पपीता कैंसर के लिए पत्तियां
파파야는 암 잎
Folhas de papaia para o cancro
Листья папайи для Рака
Papaya levelek a rák
Daun betik untuk Kanser
پاپایا برگ برای سرطان
Papai Majani ya Saratani ya
Papaya blare vir Kanker
Foglie di papaia per il cancro
Παπάγια Φύλλα για τον καρκίνο
Pepaya Daun untuk Kanker
Papaya Kanser bırakır

papaya hoja quimioterapia,
daun pepaya kemoterapi,
البابايا ورقة العلاج الكيميائي,
Papaya Blatt Chemotherapie,
papaya blaar chemoterapie,
պապայա տերեւ chemotherapy,
papája list chemoterapie,
papaya blad kemoterapi,
papaya blad chemotherapie,
papaya dahon chemotherapy,
chimiothérapie feuille de papaye,
Τα φύλλα παπάγια χημειοθεραπεία,
פפאיה עלה כימותרפיה,
पपीता पत्ता कीमोथेरेपी,
papaya levél kemoterápia,
papaia foglia chemioterapia,
파파야 잎 화학 요법,
برگ پاپایا شیمی درمانی,
листьев папайи химиотерапии,
papaya yaprak kemoterapi,
پپیتا پتی کیموتیریپی


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