State of Emergency in Honduras over Dengue: Take Papaya Leaf

South Americans are really needing to hear about the effect of papaya leaf on Dengue Fever. They are currently facing an epidemic that has called their government to issue a state of emergency. The fever is charted to spread out to other South American countries. Papaya is native to South America so this cure is in their back yard. The leaves can be dried in the sun, crushed, and then brewed as a tea for the dengue patient. Papaya leaf tea has shown to very quickly restore red blood cell count and almost miraculously bring healing to the liver.

Honduras faces deadly dengue fever epidemic
Aug 27, 2013 by John Sevigny


In the wake of 12,000 reported cases of mosquito-borne dengue fever and at least 19 deaths from the disease, Honduran officials have declared a state of emergency as the rainy season looms in that Central American country.

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Honduras enfrenta mortal epidemia de dengue

A raíz de 12.000 casos de dengue transmitida por mosquitos y por lo menos 19 muertes por la enfermedad, las autoridades hondureñas han declarado el estado de emergencia ya que la temporada de lluvias se cierne en ese país centroamericano.

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Centroamericano son realmente necesitan escuchar sobre el efecto de hoja de papaya de Dengue Fever. En la actualidad se enfrentan a una epidemia que ha llamado a su gobierno para emitir el estado de emergencia. La fiebre está trazada a extenderse a otros países de América del Sur. La papaya es nativa de América del Sur por lo que este cura es en su patio trasero. Las hojas se pueden secar en el sol, aplastados, y luego elaboradas en forma de té para el paciente dengue. Té de hoja de papaya ha demostrado para restaurar muy rápidamente recuento de glóbulos rojos y casi milagrosamente traer sanidad para el hígado.


One thought on “State of Emergency in Honduras over Dengue: Take Papaya Leaf

  1. Correction: Papay leaf juice or papaya leaf extract (PLX), is the squeezing of the juice directly from the papaya leaves of a fruit bearing tree. Carica Papaya tree leaves deemed the most effective as I have read Dr. Hettige and listened to his YouTube video. I am earnest to learn, but have not read of papaya leaf tea (PLT) being used, and would like a source if available.

    The tea that I do drink and is a cure for dengue fever is camote/sweet potato tea brewed from freshly picked leaves. For breakfast I drink camote tea brewed from fresh or dried crush leaves. Fresh leaves would be the choice for dengue fever.

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