Put Up A Sign: Papaya Leaves for Cancer!


Can we together, all over the world, test and try out papaya leaves for their effect against cancer? Can we all hang a sign? Can we grow it and try it and then tell our stories? Papaya leaf tea is inexpensive and is natural medicine. It can grow almost anywhere in the world, in your backyard, even in your window. The tea is designated “GRAS” (generally regarded as safe) by the FDA, is non-toxic even in large doses*, and is even considered safe to be taken during chemotherapy.

Papaya leaf tea has shown effect against cancers in the lab. Proteases (protein dissolving enzymes) have shown effect against cancers in clinical studies on humans. Papain in the leaf is a protease and has also shown effect against cancers in the lab.

Help us hang a sign in your language;

Papaya Leaves For Cancer
Feuilles de papaye pour le cancer
Papaya Blätter für Krebs
البابايا يترك للسرطان
Papaya Hojas para el cáncer
Papaya Dahon para sa Cancer
पपीता कैंसर के लिए पत्तियां
파파야는 암 잎
Folhas de papaia para o cancro
Листья папайи для Рака
Papaya levelek a rák
Daun betik untuk Kanser
پاپایا برگ برای سرطان
Papai Majani ya Saratani ya
Papaya blare vir Kanker
Foglie di papaia per il cancro
Παπάγια Φύλλα για τον καρκίνο
Pepaya Daun untuk Kanker
Papaya Kanser bırakır

Send us a picture of your sign and we will post it on our site http://www.papayaleavesforcancer.com ! Thank You!

*(Unless you are allergic to latex or pregnant).



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