We Love the Papaya Leaf This Much!



Jane loves the papaya leaf. Here is proof. My sister Jane can speak about the effect of drinking papaya leaf tea every day (almost without exception) for the last five years. She grows her own papaya plants in her backyard in North Carolina, USA, but still orders cut papaya leaf from herbal distributors. 

Jane carefully prepares her tea her own way. She boils water, waits for it to cool just a bit down, and then uses a coffee press. Jane brings it to her children when they are sick, and to her husband every day possible. She even encouraged me as my aficionado for standard herbal market “cut papaya leaf” has fluctuated while my obsession over young leaves and their taste and medicinal potency has increased.

Jane told me that I was out of “cook” (pronounced cuuk) status once we did a research project with a Clemson cancer (melanoma) scientist. Like a seasoned ethno-medicine guru, she was already using the inside of the fresh leaf stem directly on skin legions because they typically just scabbed up and quickly fell off. In this picture she was rubbing the inside of the stem leaf on her nose. She took my cook status. Mama Julia would love this.

see our section on Tea for Skin. http://www.papayaleavesforcancer.com/TeaforSkin


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