Thank you Dr. Nixon


Six years ago I felt a need to get the support of an oncologist in my research about clinical trials related to papaya leaf tea, papain, and related ethnomedicine. I looked up credentials of oncologists in various cities around where I lived in Savannah, GA. I decided to call Dr. Daniel Nixon who was at the time working in Charleston, SC.

I said the first time that I heard his “Hello”, “Hi, I am Virginia Robertson. I want to talk with you about papain and papaya leaf tea and its effect on cancer. I want you to read my research.” Dr Nixon said, “Who are you?” I said, “Virginia Robertson”. I didn’t have credentials. But the kind doctor sent me his email and I forwarded my research. Two weeks later he called me back and said that he thought I may have something.

Dr Nixon arranged for us to do some research with an associate of his in a lab that studied melanoma at Clemson. I sent samples. This positive result was one of the markers for me that helped me continue my pursuit. I want to thank Dr. Nixon for his help early on.

Currently Dr. Nixon works for Cancer Treatment Centers of America in the Western Region Medical Center near Phoenix. Dr. Nixon is a member of the Senior Executive Service for the United States of America, Nutrition Oncology Research Cooperative Agreement, American Federation for Clinical Research, American Medical Association, American Society of Clinical Oncology and American Association for Cancer Research.

“Thank you” from the Julia Ruffin Project


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