Three Months to Go

Longer than a really good diet, research on papaya leaf tea indicates that it may take three months of diligent use for the tea to have effect against cancer(s). So Woah! That feels like a show-stopper!

The real challenge for our team of natural healing (Functional Foods) enthusiasts is to convince people to really commit while they may still feel unsure, unconvinced, and encouraged daily to rely on more traditional methods…ie, the most recent FDA-approved solution for their specific line of cancer. Our team for papaya leaf tea does not discourage traditional methods, we can only ask that you try to implement our tea alongside whatever other plan you are on.

Back to the “three months to go” challenge. First, after six years of research we are confident that this tea can heal. We need a way to pass that confidence to you so that you can get on with the three months! Our team does not want to interrupt your current doctor-recommended plan, we want to ADD to it!

For those who read this and know someone with cancer, if you cannot convince them, will you take it for the health of your own body? Will you take the Three Months To Go Test? Maybe for you it will reduce your inflammation, help your body clean up, create more good cells, help you heal faster! And, of course, keep possible cancers at bay.

If you are not convinced after the information on the website
Then buy the book! The science related to the enzyme papain should be enough to convince!

Just try the tea and give it Three Months, or give it to someone you love who should!



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