Who Is Julia Ruffin?

Who is Julia Ruffin?

Julia Ruffin Robertson was taken by cancer at age 55, and is survived by her two sisters; Jenny and Margie, three daughters; Gwenette, Virginia, and Jane; and seven grandchildren; Francis, Julia, Laurel, Owen, Nicholas, Sylvia, and Jamal.

Julia was from Laurel, a small town in Mississippi. She was named “Judy” as a child, and after raising three daughters she followed her life passion for art and returned to university and worked for her master’s degree in art history. After receiving her degree she changed her name to Julia.

Julia started a private high school near Washington, DC, and then moved with her husband, Palmer to Malawi, Africa to run a small mission college. Even after discovering her sickness with cancer she continued to help her husband in Africa until she was too sick to function. Julia returned to the states and died soon after.

Julia inspired her daughters to value motherhood, to love all forms of art, to gently work for justice in the world and to pursue solutions for good.

The Director of the project, Jill Nicole Gallo, elected that we run this project in Julia’s name. Julia, she said, is the inspiration for this Project to produce a natural product that heals cancer.

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