The “Aqueous Extract” (Tea from Papaya Leaf) and Its Effect on Cancer: Clinical Study

Why is the alternative cancer therapy market not finding out about the clinical studies that really matter now. It seems like the drugs “in process” get the press. If I had cancer I would not be interested in help later.

Here is another clinical study that shows the effect of papaya leaf tea on cancer:

Maybe some of the words are too big… Like “immune” or “Carica Papaya” (papaya leaf), or “Aqueous”. I don’t think so.

I think we are waiting for a pill. The alternative therapy is a nice thought, cool to talk about, but we are needing and dependent on a drug.

I am a business person. I am determined to at least get this working thing… this papaya leaf tea…from this four-year-old study on the market.

Meanwhile we put it on the market. The market comes back with a statement, not a question. The statement is that there are no clinical studies that show the tea has effect against cancer. Hmmm. I guess because it’s not a pill.

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