Papaya Leaf Tea has Effect Against Cancer

Papaya leaf tea is used as alternative cancer therapy in fourteen countries. I have studied the science and the farming of the herb for six years. It seems odd that the large papaya fruit-bearing tree is actually classified as an herb. It seems equally odd that the young leaves of this tree make such a miraculous medicinal tea.

Scientists that have studied the anti-tumor effect of the leaves find various medical reasons that the tea has effect against cancer. One of the most well known is research by Nam Dang. I choose to stick by my favorite; that the tea has an unusual enzyme to nature called papain that breaks down and dissolves proteins. Another form of “protease” is called trypsin, and is naturally produced by our pancreas. The protease dissolves the fibrin, or protein coating around our cancer cells or running in our blood thus freeing our bodies to fight or prevent the cancer.

The leaves need to be initially heated to 150-160F degrees to activate the enzyme, therefore, a “tea”.


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