The “Aqueous Extract” (Tea from Papaya Leaf) and Its Effect on Cancer: Clinical Study

Why is the alternative cancer therapy market not finding out about the clinical studies that really matter now. It seems like the drugs “in process” get the press. If I had cancer I would not be interested in help later.

Here is another clinical study that shows the effect of papaya leaf tea on cancer:

Maybe some of the words are too big… Like “immune” or “Carica Papaya” (papaya leaf), or “Aqueous”. I don’t think so.

I think we are waiting for a pill. The alternative therapy is a nice thought, cool to talk about, but we are needing and dependent on a drug.

I am a business person. I am determined to at least get this working thing… this papaya leaf tea…from this four-year-old study on the market.

Meanwhile we put it on the market. The market comes back with a statement, not a question. The statement is that there are no clinical studies that show the tea has effect against cancer. Hmmm. I guess because it’s not a pill.

There is a Difference: Young Papaya Leaf Tea and Cut Papaya Leaf Brewed as Tea


The Julia Ruffin Project grows and researches papaya leaves for use as a medicinal tea. There is a noted difference in the amount of alkaloids in a young papaya leaf.

There is also a big difference in taste. The young leaf tea is not bitter, and has smoky hints with a distinct smell of fresh and tantalizing unique to the herb.

In the photo, brewed young leaf tea is to the right, a hint of bright yellow, and next to the signature bright green dried and cut leaves.


Tea in your coffee to fight cancer

Seven years ago I would not have believed someone who said that there was a tea that has effect against cancer. “So you learn”. – (Grandma Espinoza)

Then I learned. Call this silly, but then there was a functional problem. I don’t care for hot (or cold) tea. One would think that it is worth it to drink a tea that has effect against cancer. I hesitate.

My solution was to put it in my coffee everyday. I literally just add the tea leaves to the coffee grounds. The taste difference is so slight for what miracles the tea works in my body!

I still have trouble accepting that papaya leaf tea has effect against cancer, even though I have studied this for six years.

I think that I was waiting on a pill.

Young Leaf Papaya Leaf Tea


“Young Leaf” papaya leaf tea as pictured above is a much different product than the commodity herb “cut papaya leaf”. The commodity herb “cut papaya leaf” comes from the larger and older leaves from the papaya tree and it is much more economical to produce. Young papaya leaf tea is grown for tea and is picked always from a “plant”, and not from the grown tree.

Both carry healing enzymes, but since the alkaloids are significantly higher in the young leaf we have focused the Julia Ruffin Project on producing them. In addition, the young leaf tastes very nice as a tea… better, in my opinion, than a green tea.

Just Do It. New Alternative Cancer Therapy

Sometimes you just need to DO it. It may be just as important to GET a product that has effect on cancer to market as to research it. In the case of papaya leaf tea, toxicity studies have shown it to be safe, the fda gives it GRAS status, yet wholesalers are constantly backordered and too many people with cancer have never heard of it.

The Julia Ruffin Project grows and researches papaya leaf tea and its effect against cancer.

Time to go forward. On Indiegogo, which is a way for people to participate in our project (or simply learn about it!).

Come see us and let’s just Do it.

Papain Pill or Papaya Leaf Tea

After the first stages of my research on papaya leaf tea I contacted an oncologist to review my study with. I asked him why the papain pills on the shelf all over the world are not just as good a choice as the papaya leaf tea. He told me that earlier in their research with one if the large cancer foundations his team was isolating b12. He said that they put so much b12 in a man that it almost killed him. From this experience he said that he learned how God or nature works naturally we can’t always find scientific reasoning behind. This didn’t stop me from trying to pursue the answer to why the leaf tea is different from papain plain. So far the reason is the co-enzymes that work with, in conjunction with papain.

See more in the e-book. papayaleavesforcancer

Papaya Leaf Tea has Effect Against Cancer

Papaya leaf tea is used as alternative cancer therapy in fourteen countries. I have studied the science and the farming of the herb for six years. It seems odd that the large papaya fruit-bearing tree is actually classified as an herb. It seems equally odd that the young leaves of this tree make such a miraculous medicinal tea.

Scientists that have studied the anti-tumor effect of the leaves find various medical reasons that the tea has effect against cancer. One of the most well known is research by Nam Dang. I choose to stick by my favorite; that the tea has an unusual enzyme to nature called papain that breaks down and dissolves proteins. Another form of “protease” is called trypsin, and is naturally produced by our pancreas. The protease dissolves the fibrin, or protein coating around our cancer cells or running in our blood thus freeing our bodies to fight or prevent the cancer.

The leaves need to be initially heated to 150-160F degrees to activate the enzyme, therefore, a “tea”.